China is developing its own arsenal of lasers electromagnetic railguns and high-power microwave weapons for use in future space-based light war satellite attacks says Chinese military expert Richard Fisher.“中国正在研发升级现有的激光武器库、电磁轨道炮和大功率微波武器, 在未来’激光大战‘计划中用作压制外层空间的卫星”中国军事问题专家理查德·费舍尔说道到。Chinas push to produce these weapons aims to neutralize Americas web of intelligence communication and navigation satellites capable of unmatched precision strikes.中国加快生产这些武器的目的是为了抵销美国那难得一见全球的具备准确压制能力的情报,通信和卫星导航系统网络。



While giving congressional testimony last month Fisher from the International Assessment and Strategy Center confirmed that China has a laser weapons program and warned that the country could be rapidly militarizing space.上个月在国会听证会上来自国际评估和战略中心的费舍尔证实,中国有激光武器研发项目,并警告称之为,该国可能会很快使外层空间军事化。:法甲联赛体育。


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